Everything was set for March 2nd where we were to make our first live appearance in London. The location was The Old Blue Last, a venue where numerous prolific bands and artists had played. Needless to say, we were looking forward to that gig. Joining us on stage that night were Crows and The Bodies, two lovely London-based bands.

We flew from Copenhagen to London on the day of the show and got to The Old Blue Last in good time to hang a bit. We had a couple of pints of Guinness (my first encounter with Guinness too) and had time to introduce ourselves to The Bodies and Crows. Very good people we still hang out with to this day. All three soundchecks went as smoothly as possible and the audience started showing up. We were having a time backstage (a good time), and things were looking as bright as ever. I mean it was our first show in the UK, tickets had sold really well and we were playing a very lovely venue.

Maxwell (vocalist in The Bodies) came up to me and said: “We’re on in ten minutes mate. Very excited about seeing you guys.” And literally right after he finished that sentence the lights went out. It was very strange and our first thought was that the problem probably was a fuse. Confusion broke out but The Bodies went on stage, in a very crowded room, and realised that the problem was not a fuse.

The whole street had suffered from a power cut which of course was the worst thing that could’ve happened. The minutes went by and the crowd got restless; we got restless. After half an hour the technicians at The Old Blue Last concluded that nothing could be done, and the promoter immediately started calling all pubs in the area. The show had to go on. After ten very intense minutes on the phone he found a place.

The very lovely venue The Shacklewell Arms was available and keen on a last minute show. We packed up all the gear and threw everything in three cabs. At The Shacklewell Arms we loaded in, put up the gear and soundchecked in 30 minutes. Luckily people followed, and thanks to social media (thank God, yeah) people found their way to the new venue. It was certainly a rather hectic first encounter with London but it was also a night with a happy ending.

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