Yung – Alter // EP Review

yungTough Love – March 2nd

Aarhus bandits Yung have been at it since last year and already have two LPs under their belt in their homeland. Till fairly recently they appear to have existed in the insular confines of their own punk scene, with more column inches given to their pretentious and unmusical Copenhagen countrymen Iceage. Well you can forget about Iceage, they didn’t deserve your attention anyway.

The six songs that make up Yung’s Alter EP are taken from last year’s Falter LP which is limited to three hundred and never really left Denmark. Taken out of context like this, the artistry here is more about the tracklist – the songs that Yung wanted to show to the international community on their debut worldwide outing. ‘Nobody Cares’ is the song that reeled the tastemakers in and it’s the vital and throbbing heart of this release,veering between regal acoustic jangles and epic shout-along choruses with clarion-calling urgency. A similar dynamic is present in the thunderstruck soundscapes of ‘The Regulators’ while ‘A Stain’ closes the set in predictable brilliance. The only criticism you could level at the group is that they’ll need less of a DIY mentality when it comes to recording their inevitable worldwide debut LP, the vocals for instance could come into the mix a bit more and the rhythm section could be spaced out more too, but at this point in time, it really doesn’t matter. This is the band Lower wish they could be if their vocals and drums weren’t so garish and off-kilter. This is the band that will topple Iceage’s uncomfortably long reign at the top. The revellers may have found their way into Copenhagen, but Aarhus is where the party’s at.


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