yuckMamé Records – February 26th

It must feel good, pulling off what so many are constantly trying to: a lo-fi, grungey vibration that marries overwhelming pop hooks with an effortless sense of cool. But London four piece, Yuck, aren’t newcomers to this so sought after scene; the quartet have been penning more than infectious ditties since 2009 and although their last release, 2013’s Glow and Behold, passed many by, Stranger Things is the record that will see Yuck finally given the full attention they deserve.

Lead single ‘Hearts In Motion’ is a good precursor to the album in its entirety. It’s snappy, abrasive yet ardent, and paves the path perfectly for opener ‘Hold Me Closer.’ Where ‘Swirling’ veers from this path, preferring to pivot through shoegaze, ‘Yr Face’ brings the record home with fuzzy guitars and even fuzzier emotions.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that everything bar the drums on Stranger Things were recorded in the same London house as the band’s lauded self-titled debut. The self-titled debut that was released way back in 2011, when founding member and then lead-vocalist Daniel Blumberg was still at the helm. But, coincidence or not, the gleaming similarities between records one and three feel less like stagnancy and lack of progression, but lean instead towards an assertive sense of contentment within the band.

; Stranger Things is the evening spent sloshing a glass of cheap wine above your head, wildly cavorting as the TV hums on mute and the sound of the stereo with an all too powerful bass boost fills the front room. It’s the friend that withholds for 9 months of the year, begging your first move, only to make the distance and betrayal swiftly disappear with a succinct 40 minute catch up over steaming mugs of tea and a tin of chocolate digestive biscuits. It’s also the raggedy blanket slung over the sofa arm, neglected and punctured yet waiting patiently with open arms to sooth the bitter winds of emotional turmoil. Stranger Things is a lot of “things,” but most of all it’s the thing that Yuck wanted to do.

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Live: Moth Club – 26th & 27th February