Run For Cover – October 25th

If you heard Young Guv’s Vol. I in August, you’d already be expecting another voluminous onrush of jangling indie-pop in the style of Teenage Fanclub, Sugar, The Charlatans or a non-Mancunian-non-lairy early Oasis on Vol. II. You’d be partly right. There are tambourines and sweet harmonies. There’s a Lemonheads moment on ‘Can I Just Call’, a whole lotta cowbell on ‘She’s A Fantasy’ and slightly fuzzed-up Fannies on ‘Try Not To Hang On So Hard’.

But aligned with the recent experimentation of Fucked Up, from whence Ben Cook metamorphoses into Young Guv, there’s saxophonic 80s chartbusting on ‘Caught Lookin’, dark disco on ‘Trying To Decide’ and the cabaret kitsch of ‘Can’t Say Goodbye’, which sounds like a tribute to the now-defunct travel agent, Thomas Cook.

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