You know those pictures you see from some festivals? The ones that just look like a total bro-fest, where dodgy attitudes are only rivalled by dodgier t-shirt slogans? Where the chance of seeing a band that isn’t just four lads churning out indielandfilldeath is roughly zero? We’d rather be handed a ropey looking cheese sandwich by a not-actually-that-embarrassed Ja Rule than be at those festivals. We want to be at festivals that celebrate inclusivity, that offer a platform to artists too often marginalised, or totally overlooked.

Thank the stars then for Yo! Sissy, the Berlin-based 2 day extravaganza that mixes local talent with big names, all the time focusing on female and trans-identifying acts. With previous line-ups including the likes of Peaches and favourites of ours like Cakes Da Killa and Mykki Blanco you can be roughly 100% sure you’re in for one hell of a time – and just to confirm that we have festival organisers Pansy and Scout talking us through five acts they can’t wait to see at this year’s festival.

Jay Boogie
Touch my body! The Yo! Sissy 2017 lineup is out and we will be serving some fierce body therapy for all kinds of bodies. I played this track up in the club recently and it was X-rated let me tell YOU!!

PANSY: Something for your mind your body and your hole. Jay Boogie hails from Brooklyn and will turn Berlin on it’s head this summer. I intend to show all of MY body, can you handle it Sissies!?

Shaun J. Wright & Alinka
I think they are one of the fierceness dance duo’s to hit dance music right now. They are progressive not only musically but political also. On of my faves for the festival.

SCOUT: Alinka and Shaun J play on the regular in the club I work at. I make sure to always work when they play, their sound fills me with so much power and joy that is overflowing still come Wednesday. ‘Love Inspired’ has that melodic hook you trip on and Shaun J’s etherial vocals give you deep down inside shivers. I’ll be front and centre when they play Y!S, come bump booties with me for scout’s sake.

I’ve always been an indie rock chic at heart and I’m so excited for this German duo to take the stage. They are a mix of all the grunge bands I love with the light-hearted flair of some British and twee influences. Gurr bring a fresh sound to YO! Sissy complimenting all the hip-hop and dance music programmed.

Zebra Katz
: It’s Zebra Fucking Katz… what more do we need to say!

Every year we have reached out to have PTR at YO! Sisst and this year we hit the jackpot. AND I hear there might be some surprises from Jam in store for us.

SCOUT: YO! Sissy 2017 WE SEE YOU! and are Planningtorock.

Yo! Sissy takes place July 28th & 29th at the Columbia Complex in Berlin.