Yip Deceiver – Medallius // Album Review

5565 New West Records – out now

The past members section on the Wikipedia page for of Montreal is a veritable who’s who of upbeat pop mastery, now joined by Nicolas Dobbratz and Davey Pierce’s Yip Deceiver. From the delightfully overproduced 80s throwback ‘Lover’, to the jaunty ‘Obnoxia’ and the Reggie Watts-approved ‘Get Strict’ (seriously, check out the dude’s moves in the video), Medallius is track after track of falsetto-imbibed synth licks and disco drums. As the trend for gloomy post-dubstep whinery continues far longer than anyone asked for, Yip Deceiver remind us – much like their Kevin Barnes-fronted alma mater – that at its core, electronic music is still a hell of a lot of fun.