Atlanta-based artist Yanó Rude’s vibrant Afro-fusion sound instantly brings the sunshine and heat wherever you are. Today he releases his debut EP Kalashion and to mark the occasion he’s selected some tracks from friends and future collaborators. 

Across Kalashion Yanó Rude fully flexes his songwriting prowess with a shimmering, suave blend of simmering Afrobeat and hip-hop rhythms and sublimely sleek vocals.  ‘Campaign Kalash’ accentuates his flair for sultry grooves as irresistibly resplendent, funk-infused guitar melodies reverberate amidst hypnotic beats. Whilst recent single ‘Kalash Passion’ furthers his own distinct Afro-fusion imprint that sees the Gambian model and musician’s creative versatility shine through.

This debut EP formed from “a conversation about building our culture, something that represents the way we move,”Yanó explains. “This EP is one hell of an introduction, especially into the untraditional side of afrobeats.” Placing him alongside contemporaries such as J Hus and Burna Boy, Kalashion fully demonstrates why Yanó Rude is such an exciting and fresh creative force.

Delve into Yanó Rude’s In Five below.

When given the platform, it’s important to make sure you big up your people, so that’s exactly what I want to do. A few of these tracks are made by artists that are close to me and artists that I plan on working with in the near future.

1. Manna – Sundress

Manna is the boss lady in our team. She’s an incredible artist that everyone should already be listening to. If you’re not already listening to her and you don’t have her music in rotation already, you’re missing out. The way she approaches her craft is something that I admire greatly and the passion behind her music just makes it all add up.

Wizkid – No Lele

This tune here, is a classic. When you talk about artists that have been killing the game consistently like this for years, you have to recognise and respect it. You lot know about Wizkid, just press play.

Toye – Ansa Me

This is my guy from ATL, he’s currently making big waves in the city and you all should give his music some love. Respect to him as he hustles to really show the whole world the talent he has.

Rozzy – Criminel

Man like Rozzy! My brother in Paris. This guy has that city on lock, go ask around. If you haven’t heard any of his music, do yourself a favour and run that. Criminel is just one of those tunes that gets you gassed immediately. Motivation in a tune right there. That type of music is timeless. Big up my brother one time.

Tems – Too Bad

I plan on making some fire music with Tems. When the time is right, obviously that will happen, but if she’s reading this let her know I rate her work differently. Too Bad is just one of those late night vibes that you can’t go wrong with. That song speaks for itself, just press play on it and thank me later.

Kalashion is out now.

Photo credit: Lloyd Mackayi