Servant Jazz Quarters – 4th May

A speedy Google search of the term ‘tropopause’ tells you that it refers to the ‘interface between the troposphere and the stratosphere in the Earth’s atmosphere’. Though a physics degree may be required to fully comprehend the term, it seems like a fitting name for a new label/blog that aims to be a platform for artists looking to go from lower levels to infinity and beyond.

One band that seeks to do just this is Yakul, a neo-soul four-piece from Brighton and the Dalston-based Tropopause’s debut release. Every member of the band plays with the utmost proficiency, honed during their studies at the Brighton Institution of Modern Music where they all met. Their D’ANgelo style grooves combined with snippets of Frank Ocean-esque melodies are a real treat on the ears, especially tonight at Servant Jazz Quarters, which, given how well every band member can play their respective instrument, has never sounded so good.

Lead single ‘Giveaway’ is a real highlight, with frontman James Berkeley’s well tailored vocals combined with drummer Sam Hughes’ steezy pace. It’s a song that gets heads bopping despite the lack of space in the tightly packed basement venue. If Tropopause are looking to take things to the stratosphere, they’re off to a flying start with Brighton’s Yakul.

Stream: Yakul on Soundcloud

Live: Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar – 19th May