100350Woodsist – April 22nd

With Woods’ ninth album marking ten years since their debut, it’s remarkable to hear just how far they’ve come. City Sun Eater In The River Of Light reaffirms the band hasn’t run out of steam yet, instead emphasising and improving on their best elements. Mesmerising, incessantly catchy psychedelia (‘Can’t See At All’), massive, riff-heavy freakouts (‘Sun City Creeps’) and intricate, soulful folk instills the band as purveyors of what they do, rather than being another pastiche. Lo-fi recordings behind them, they sound brilliantly produced, with many songs fleshed out with brilliant strings, horns and new wave keys. Woods have been many things over the years, but on this – their best effort to date – their psych-pop sensibilities have never sounded so bright, bold and delightfully accessible.

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Live: The Dome – June 22nd