Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool // Album Review

94556Dirty Hit – June 22nd

“Keep your beady eyes on me / To make sure I don’t turn to dust” begins Ellie Rowsell on Wolf Alice’s feverishly-anticipated debut. Fittingly, she sums up the band’s modus operandi so far. If My Love Is Cool tells us anything new, it’s that they needn’t worry about holding our gaze any longer. The record triumphantly offers a different Britishness to the machismo propounded by Blur and The Libertines, aligning itself smartly to the contemporary flair of The xx and PJ Harvey. There are hints of pan-Atlantic pop adulation in the Britney-esque melodies of ‘Silk’ or the Foo Fighters-style coda to ‘Swallowtail’ – all executed with dizzying aplomb. Ellie can sleep soundly knowing she won’t turn to dust anytime soon.

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Live: The KPH – June 23rd