(Wiz)ardly good; Khalifa takes the Roundhouse. Performing Kush and OJ live for the first time in London it is no surprise that Wiz Khalifa has a queue of fans that snakes around the corners of the Roundhouse right into Camden Lock as everyone waits in anticipation.

With a giant inflated orange as a backdrop and a crowd chanting “Taylor Gang” before Khalifa even takes the stage there is no mistaking who the crowd is here for tonight. With a mixtape named Kush and Orange Juice and an entire night dedicated to celebrating the success of this 2010 release, we could only expect Wiz to walk on to stage a thick cloud of smoke above his head and so he does. Bouncing around in white overalls, a smile plastered on his face, Wiz has owned his success of today and this feeling of satisfaction is contagious to everyone in the crowd.

Despite being notorious for his “pussy, money, weed” lyrics there seems to be more here tonight, something that everyone in the room can connect with. A feeling of being a whole lot younger, more carefree and undoubtedly forgetting about their Monday blues and the week ahead.

Rapping back lyrics to songs such as Mesmerised and the Statement whilst playing with the giant inflatable joints that have been thrown to them, the crowd enjoys every moment of tonights performance.

It’s on a high, with tracks such as Black & Yellow, Young Wild & Free and See You Again that the show comes to an end. There are only smiles walking out the room and fans eager to hear Rolling paper 2.

Review by Nathalie Coeln. Photos by Rebecca Hughes.

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