With his new album out now, Willie J Healey gives us a snapshot into his life for our latest In Photos series. 

Armed with charm, wit, and a twinkle in his eye, Healey’s particular brand of crooning, psych-tinged rock and roll presents itself with a hazy and epic grandeur across Twin Heavy. Filled with driving bass riffs, jaunty grooves and shimmering melodies, across the record the timeless essence to Healey’s music really shines through making for a collection of tracks that already feels like a classic. On ‘Condo’ Healey leans into the expansive, soaring pop side to his sound, whilst closing track ‘Caroline Needs’ showcases his cosmic balladeering prowess. Throughout the whole record, Healey’s charismatic and effervescent singularity abounds and makes for an enchanting and electrifying listen.

Delve into Willie J Healey’s photo diary below.

Checking that Rough Trade had some copies of my album left.

Feeling the heat but trying to stay safe.

I had a cameo part in the new Fenne Lily video on the day my album was released! Love ya Fenne.

I had a long late night walk with an old friend. It was mid the heatwave and thunderstorms.

I met up with the band in Oxford to sign some records at Truck Store. So good to see them.

Me and my daughter.

Me and my friend John Payne on release week. He lightened the mood by showing me his new surf board.

Me hearing we had slid back a few places in the official charts…livid.

My friend Joe Wheatley on a fleeting visit. He wished me and the album good luck.

My parents came to visit me mid-week. It was their first time seeing my new flat.

Peacko looking cute.

Pre haircut.

The heavens smiling at us.

Walking and talking with my soul sister.

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Header photo by H Fernando