After seven years of almost constant touring and new releases, Will Samson took a step back for his latest album, swapping his familiar use of ambient electronics for a more sparse sound consisting of just voice, guitar and violin recorded onto tape.

Fourth album, Welcome Oxygen, released this September, is arguably the most raw work to date of the Brussels-based musician, who heads to The Islington on 27th March next year.

This summer, Will and his band took a camera on tour across Europe where they played a series of shows in France and Belgium. We’re delighted to share the results with you below.

A beautiful little festival in the French countryside.

Arriving at the Radio 1 studio in Brussels.

Bordeaux is so far south that there are palm trees.

Deep In The Woods festival in Belgium was exactly as the name suggests.

Enjoying the 7 second natural reverb at Sint Elisabethkirk.

Enjoying the backstage snacks before our show in Paris.

Getting ready to get on stage ourselves at Hop Pop Hop festival in France. Another beautiful old-venue.

Just before it began to pour with rain at Deep In The Woods festival.

Making weird faces at Absolutely Free Festival in Belgium.

My best musical friend and every sound engineers noisy enemy.

Nervously preparing for our live session on Radio 1 in Belgium.

On my way to view the venue set-up before our Brussels show.

Opening for King Creosote in Paris.

Pointing at Point Ephemere in Paris.

Pre-show stroll in Paris.

Setting up for our release show in Brussels at Atelier 210. This was such a lovely show.

Sint Elisabath Kirk in Gent, BE. One of the most beautiful venues I have ever played.

Soundcheck complete at a little solo show in France.

Sweet little venue in France. The last concert before having a few days of rest.

The reason why I have to sit down whilst I play.

Will Samson plays The Islington, 27th March.