Australian newcomer will hyde continues to drum up the hype around his name with the reveal of new single, over u. The stellar track is taken from his debut EP with u in mind, set for release in October. We caught up with him to talk about his new track below:
Hello will hyde! How are you today?
yo beautiful people!! today i am going well thank u. i got up, put my clothes away, spoke to my manager (shout out to theo on that FaceTime game), did some music making and then went for a walk in the park (literally). i just ate beef curry with rice which my mumma made – she only makes it for me because she doesn’t like it.
How has lockdown been for you?
it has been good. i’ve learned a lot about myself actually. i find it easy to spend time with myself so isolation has been breezy. that said, i’ve been realising i need to connect with the present way more often. sometimes i get stuck in my head and daydream for a long time. when that happens i feel frustrated because i just missed a bunch of moments that are happening IN FRONT of me. & when i day dream my mind can take me to positive places or darker places – which makes me feel anxious and scared for the future. so the last couple months i’ve been meditating longer and keeping being present as a forefront to everything i do. i also ekhart tolle – the power of now – which is amazing for this, do recommend to the amazing humans reading this.
You’ve just released your new single ‘Over U’ – What does this song mean for you?
yes i have! i hope u like it :). i’m super stoked that it’s out. for me it represents a whole time period in my life. when i wrote this song, i was really trying to let go of things/people that had caused a lot of inner struggles for me. sometimes when i’m moving on it’s hard because i have days where i feel free & then others when i feel emotionally trapped. this was definitely a trapped day in the healing process for me. i was like – why the fuck am i not over u? if i’m thinking about this am i really over it? hmmm. i was living away from home when i made this song with my friend liam quinn (great musician), i was in Sydney. i hadn’t seen my family in a couple months, i was just travelling & staying around on couches etc. so definitely, writing this answer on my toilet back home, this represents a time period for me.
Who would you say are your main influences?
i really like jeremy zucker, dominic fike, sasha sloan, angele, holly humberstone. they’re people that are really doing things & they’re just honest. i heard ‘all the kids are depressed’ by jeremy zucker one time & i was like yep, ur right. someone is telling the truth around here! music is the last honest platform of truth where anyone can just release stuff – there isn’t a way for companies to alter songs to appeal to people. songs are exactly as they are written. untouched. which is beautiful!
What new artists are you listening to right now?
i am listening to holly humberstone, i just heard overkill & i was like holy shit who is this human ?!! i just found peach tree rascals, alec wigdahl. those are some peeps i’m really excited to watch blossom.
What is next for will hyde?
i have a lot more songs coming this year!! i would love to say shows too although with everything happening at the moment – it will take some time. i’m doing more acoustic performances tho – it has been really cool making these songs & then breaking them down further to take on a new life. one of my favourite things to do :). outside of that, i hope continuing my journey of mental health & spirituality – i just wanna be happy. i don’t need anything else. i’m in a great place now, so i hope it continues. sending love to u peeps & everyone in the world! thank u for this interview, i appreciate ur time <3.
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