101802Domino – May 6th

Since the release of White Lung’s last album – 2014’s great, critically-acclaimed Deep Fantasy – Mish Barber-Way, the band’s vocalist and lyricist, has got married. She’s in a job she likes, fronting a band that tours the world and, in her own words, she’s happy… Though you might not have guessed it on a listen to Paradise. The Canadian three-piece’s fourth record is every bit as fierce, loud and in-your-face as any White Lung fan has come to love and expect – with crashing drums, shredding guitar and Mish’s vocals as powerful as ever. But listen a little closer and you might just hear it. These may be punk songs, but they’re big, well-produced, and certainly not lacking a chorus. Chat shit, get bangers.

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Live: The Victoria – May 26th (sold out)