Square_OhBrother_ep_artwork (1)Fierce Panda – 2nd September 

Who’s that celestial figure spreading their wings on the artwork of Oh Brother? Some sort of god of psych-rock, perhaps? It would make sense for Whistlejacket to worship such a higher being, after all. Yeah, let’s go with that: the god of psych-rock. The south-east London force’s latest EP would make a more than suitable offering to them.

“I don’t wanna feel any more / I’m so sick and tired of it all,” begins the title track opener, George Matheou sounding despondent beneath the outward dreaminess of his delivery. There’s only one thing for it, it seems: build an impenetrable wall of sound. Whistlejacket construct it out of an array of indelibly potent guitar hooks, on foundations of robust bass and drums, with their frontman’s vocals the vital embellishment.

Using Oh Brother to showcase the several fascinating facets of their sound, Whistlejacket leave no questions unanswered about their capabilities. From the just-about-contained chaos of ‘GB Ache’, to the effects-laden hypnosis of ‘Hotter Than Heaven’, to the vast, forlorn expanse of ‘March Hare, they prove they’re about as one-dimensional as a Rubik’s Cube. And they’re still not a fully solved one; the best is yet to come.

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