Since the release of their debut EP in 2018 Weslee has gone from strength to strength, further entrancing us with their shimmering, smooth blend of R&B and electronica. Amar Mehta caught up with the duo to discuss the band’s inception, making music across different time zones, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Born somewhat spontaneously, Weslee came to be when Emma and Josh got into a New York studio, after a cancelled studio session, and wrote ‘Gassed’.

The US/UK boy/girl duo brings a unique sound – mixing dynamic electro and R&B together to form something truly distinctive.

One of the biggest breakthrough acts of the past year, the R&B pairing is comprised of Kansas-born producer Josh and London girl Emma, who both bring a distinct flavour to their sound, creating an intimacy that draws listeners in.

Their minimalist pop single ‘Gassed’ drew attention for its sparse production revealing a huge amount of personality and talent. It was followed by killer track ‘London Love’ and last year they brought out their first EP 9F which allowed them to really dig deep and showcase exceptional songwriting skills – making good on their early promise.

Named after Emma’s pet turtle, the duo are both now based in America – but split across New York and California. While making music hasn’t been a challenge as the pair describe themselves as like-minded – being in different time zones has proved difficult at points. Elaborating on this, Josh said: “It is hard being in two different places. I think (losing some material) will naturally happen but that idea might have been shit anyway, I am sure there would be less of those moments if you’re together.”

While the duo’s music has received rave reviews from all corners of the music scene, the pair were most surprised and taken aback to hear ‘Boy Like You’ featured as the backing track of a birthing scene on Grey’s Anatomy.

Josh said: “That is pretty fun – that scene was especially fun because it was a birth scene which was cool. I guess anytime someone hears your stuff and reaches out it’s somewhat weird.” Emma added: “It’s cool I never imagined that my voice would be part of a birthing scene. But one to add and tick off the bucket list.”

The duo closed October with one of their first solo performances at Omera in London and are hoping to build on the momentum gained 2019 into the new year.

Having closed the year with their sublime single ‘Peaches’, we can’t wait to hear what’s next from Weslee.