Big Dada – July 6th

Though grime is a genre known for aggressive bass lines, kicks and snares, it’s also one that employs empty space better than any other. These are the places grime sub-genre ‘weightless’ inhabit, and Wen’s latest full-length uses the notion to score a modernity built on fleeting transience. Tracks such as ‘BLIP’ present beautiful but threatening bass melodies that feel as if you’re watching a storm unfold in the distance. Elsewhere on ‘TIME II THINK’ a pounding kick pattern is present, but subtle, like the throbbing anxiety so commonplace in a world ever-focused on intangibility. Wen’s signature vocal snippets, which he made for himself on his 2014 debut Signals, are present but it’s the shifting drum grooves and experiments in rhythm that steal the focus on EPHEM:ERA. And, even when drums are noticeably absent, Wen somehow still manages to make present-day dystopia sound extremely banging.

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