Sometimes I try and think about last year as a cohesive memory and then realise that too much happened to truly remember the little moments. But one area of life last year that particularly conjures up memories is when we spent two months in Europe/UK!

It was roughly 57 days far away from home with about 45-something shows (barely any nights off). It was a lot of movement, a lot of driving, and a lot of chip eating, ha. But one show that I think we’ll always remember was our first sold-out gig in London at Shacklewell Arms.

It was sweaty, loud and one of our most fond nights of the tour. If you have never been to Shacklewell Arms, it basically looks like a stage meant to be used for reciting Shakespeare or performing a scene from West Side Story. It’s got little vines hanging down and a funny collage and the vibe is pretty chill in the front (all the bartenders looked like models). Great bathrooms! Colourful! I always remember things that don’t matter. Obviously I’m not the best story-teller.

I guess that’s why I prefer writing over speaking because I have the worst memory. I’ll remember a cool sign over a hotel room. Anyway! The crowd was amazing. They were singing back all the lyrics and sweating as much as we were on stage. I remember that we could barely get off stage and my bright blue eyeshadow was streaming across my face by the end – the sign of a good show! Ha.

That show stood out because we just really felt the love and it was literally the first time we sold out a show in Europe. You never know if people are going to like your music, so when you fly across the pond and play every night it’s shows like that night in London which make you want to be more creative and push yourself to be bold.

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