Summer Series at Somerset House – 10th July

Warpaint’s dark, brooding brand of indie may seem a slightly odd choice for Somerset House’s annual summer music celebrations, yet it’s one that beats the odds. The Californian four-piece’s introspective, let-your-heart-bleed pop translates live into a ninety minute set that builds from a mellow beginning into a euphoric finish, showcasing a band confident in keeping their show low on small-talk and high on atmosphere.

Playing to a neo-classical courtyard that slowly fades into darkness on a balmy evening, they open with the slow-build of ‘Heads Up’ and from there barely stop as they pace through seventeen songs, each song melting seamlessly into the next.

This is a band that deserves points for getting a crowd as equally interested in the emo-esque urgency of ‘Love Is To Die’ as the upbeat pseudo-pop of latest album track ‘New Song’ whilst barely uttering a word. With their spaced-out harmonies, dreamy guitar lines and emotion-laden lyrics, they provide an impressive yet reflective end to a summer’s evening – though it’s probably not a good idea to go if you want to dance.

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