wallWharf Cat Records – January 15th 2016

Since starting, WALL have kept themselves out of the spotlight and let the music speak for itself. So far this E.P has received a fair amount of attention, and with just one listen you immediately begin to see why.

First track ‘Cuban Cigars’ is a Bikini Kill salute that has all the fuel but without the throttle. Lyrically, it stamps hard on what it means: “Fresh baked bread keeps the pigs well fed.” Lyrics like these are, the majority of the time, unforgivable; jabbing at the suits with pen and paper needs to sustain itself on something more than a hackneyed easy kill. Nevertheless, it’s a steady number that sounds beautifully rough, and Sam York’s vocals hold an unfaltering consistency that streams on throughout the whole record.

‘Fit the Part’ breaks things up with a poetic touch that might even raise Patti Smith eyebrows. The cathartics are in the right place but – as it intends – it doesn’t reach the peak. Clearly born from an outsider’s sense of angst, the song deserves more energy, but WALL aren’t bringing it with this E.P; instead they settle for the artier side of rebellion and deliver unfamiliarity instead of the expected.

Gluing the whole record together is Vince McClelland’s rapid guitar work. Slick, tuneful and never showing signs of staling, especially the fierce high octave chorus fillers on ‘Last Date’ and ‘Cuban Cigars’ – sending you into frantic states of paranoia where you’re just waiting for it all to go up in one big melodic bang.

‘Milk’ is the biggest stand out tune, simply because it’s the least decipherable. It’s the track that resonates with the band better than the rest, sustaining that constant uneasy, tipping point quality that builds and builds till the final swing: “they say that it’s the way” – landing like a venomous bite, only showing its true impact when all’s said and done.

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