Everything LA-based artist vōx crafts is imbued with spellbindingly ethereal and divine transcendence. Having recently released her latest EP This Body she shares a striking photo series with us fully showcasing the strong, intrinsic aesthetic to her artistry. 

A corporeal, spiritual and visceral body of work, This Body unfurls gracefully and gently with sparse electronica and intricate, sonorous percussion that augments the power of vōx’s celestial and entrancing vocals. These tracks purvey a poignant vulnerability, both in the impactful and emotive soundscapes that glide through This Body as well as in vōx’s considered lyricism.

On ‘Too Much, Give Up’ vōx emphatically intones “am I growing up or growing deeper into myself”, a line that captures something of the deeply personal exploration at the core of the EP. This Body sees vōx delve into her identity and bodily essence, reclaiming repressed parts of herself, reconnecting with the sacred power in vulnerability, and embracing freedom in love; all delivered with a delicate, raw openness, and expressed with empowering and inviting solace. As vōx says of the EP, “This Body is for anyone who’s felt the disconnect of spirit and mind and body; for anyone who’s been told their body needs to be a certain thing or do a certain thing. They’re vulnerable and empowering songs.”

Delve into vōx’s stunning In Photos below.

These are a collection of polaroids by Grant Spanier from a shoot we did together in August. Grant and I are both from MN originally, and he’s one of my favorite people to work with. Not only is he incredibly talented but he’s also so fucking Minnesota nice! This was our third time working together. We always flow so well during shoots. I did the styling and makeup myself to cut down on crew for a safer shoot.

We had to reschedule our shoot from the day before because it was 110 degrees F (43 C). It was still super hot the day we shot, so we decided to start as close to golden hour as possible to skip the heat of the day.

This fantastic suit is by Jeremy Willard.

Last December, I met with amazing multi-disciplinary artist Yeu Q Nguyen to talk about this crazy idea I had to cast my face and make a headpiece from the moulds. The casting itself took about 6 hours of sitting as still as possible, and then afterward Yeu made this crown of faces out of resin affixed to a headband.

This dress is hand knit by Farradas Knits. It actually says “Some people say I’m a bitch. Other people say I’m a bitch.” Relatable.

The shoot was a family affair. This is Grant’s sister Madeline capturing me on VHS!

This look is Mlaed with Rombaut boots. Truly a match made in heaven, as they’re both brands who focus on sustainability. As a vegan, this is something super important to me with the fashion I’m supporting.

I love the unpredictable magic of polaroid film. You never know what you’re going to get.

As soon as the sun set, the park got pretty weird. We heard coyotes howling to each other in the night, and we saw big tarantulas crawling along the trails.

A big part of my project is taking back my power from the sexualized stigma of a nude female body, so I often pose as I truly am without shame.
The two looks I chose for after dark are by Wiederhoeft, one of my favorite NYC designers. I like the contrast of the whimsical bows, corsets, and lace against the black night.

Photographer – Grant Spanier
Photographer assistants – Madeline Spanier, Sasha Fierce, & Cameron Rath
Faces headpiece by Yeu Q Nguyen