Every year Visions Festival just gets better and better. Not just a celebration of super-high quality music (really, take a peek at that line-up), it’s also a community- focused event that celebrates creative talents of all kinds. Tattoos? Check. DJing? Check. Screenprinting? Check. Taking over Hackney for one glorious day (hopefully in the sun) you can bounce from venue to venue watching all your favourite new bands, and a healthy helping of old favourites. Plus, of course: the dog show! In the spirit of community, we’ve asked some of the Visions Festival artists to take over our stereo and let you know who they’re most excited to see this year. So please read on for the tips from Marika Hackman, Sports Team, Girlhood, Blue Hawaii and Sorry.

GIRLHOOD on: Sean Nicholas Savage’s ‘Death’
Being invited along to see Sean Nicholas Savage’s show is one I won’t forget in a hurry. I didn’t have much in the way of background on him, apart from a splattering of tracks I was fed to by the magical algorithms of Spotify; it really was a case of “Oh, I recognise this one”. I want to make sure I don’t reveal too much about the wonder Savage can achieve with next to nothing in his arsenal apart from the power of fantastic, classic songwriting and showmanship, as it would very much take away from the collective spiritual experience of being an audience member. So much to say, I am extremely looking forward to his performance at Visions this year. – Christian

SPORTS TEAM on Sampa The Great’s ‘Rhymes to the East’
It’s just full of hypnotising beats that grab your attention. Then she’s packing in defiant rhymes. Anyone that tours with Joey BadA$$ gets our vote.

I saw Nilüfer Yanya a couple of weeks ago and can confirm she’s a fabulous babe. She’s doing something really interesting at the moment and she’s released a couple of super groovy lil EPs recently. Really excited to see where she’ll go next.

SORRY on BLACK MIDI’s ‘bmbmbm’
Go watch Black Midi, their live show is a real thrill. Extremely talented and engaging musicians that all have their own charm in the way they play. #believethehype

Every now and then a piece of music stands out regardless of genre or time period… this is one of those songs. If you haven’t heard it before take a moment, even if you just put it on in the background. It’ll catch you somehow. A fellow Arbutus artist too 😉 Excited to play together this August!

Live: Visions on August 4th