August is here, which means a number of important things: we can quote Pavement lyrics relative to alcohol consumption in sunshine, that awful (tiny) gap between the sainted World Cup and regular football season is over and there’s one last bank holiday. More than any of those, though, August in London now means Visions Festival and we could not be more psyched to have our very favourite one-day festival back. Obviously the line-up is another smorgasbord of some of the sweetest acts around: The ascendancy of Idles continues with a much-anticipated headline set, Girlhood are gonna win the hearts of everyone that sees them and we’re already in the queue for Black Midi. It ain’t all music though, so here’s your guide to best of the rest of Visions…

Is the Dog Show back?
Can we talk about dogs for a bit? When I (Dave, LiS Dep Ed) moved to London I already liked dogs, I’d grown up always having them around. But, I was sniffy about little dogs, or aggro- looking dogs or basically any dogs that weren’t a Labrador. It didn’t take long amongst the slog of London life, though, to treasure every sighting of every dog. Dogs make you happy. Science backs this up, just seeing one boosts the levels of oxytocin in your blood. So, yes, of course the dog show is back. We need this simple joy in our lives. Presented by Dogs Matter and our pals at Best Fit, our canine buddies will compete in a number of important categories including the coveted Waggiest Tail. Worried dog shows aren’t fair on the animals? Don’t be. I’ve researched this and the response is basically ‘dogs love doing stuff’. It’s going to be beautiful.

The dog show was emotionally draining, where can we take a break?
Okay, look, it’s just one day and it’s important to cram as much in as possible. But, also, yes you should look after yourself so if you need some downtime then maybe head to Netil 360, the rooftop with stunning views across London. There are DJs up there, too. Or maybe head over to Space Studios and Courtyard where you’ll find plenty of food and drink, plus important sporting activities like beer pong.

Can we roll a dice and get a tattoo based on the outcome of that roll?
No! Oh, wait. The answer, incredibly is ‘yes’. Go see Old Habits’ pop-up tattoo parlour.

We’re hungry, what’s on the menu?
It’s good to recognise this: eatin’ is never cheatin’. Keep your strength up and party harder for it. Visions have got you more than covered here. Clapton legends Le Merlin are dishing up crêperie treats, Club Mexicana got you covered for vegan tacos, Harley Dogs are serving up sausages cooked in a bbq built into a motorbike and, of course, our absolute favourites, Lucky Chip are always at Sebright Arms armed with London’s very best burgers.

We’ve seen all the bands, we’re still feeling good. Where’s the after party?
Good for you. So, as I’m sure has happened in your life before, Yannis Philippakis has got your back. The Foals fella is curating MILK, a one-off night featuring live improvised performances from Yannis and his friends. Look out for Punk Rock Karaoke at the Sebright too, as well as the likes of Rough Trade DJ sets keeping us all dancing until we can’t dance no more. And, yep, your Visions ticket does get you into all the after parties.

And after the after party?
Dunno mate, I’m going home to bed.

Live: Visions on August 4th