virginia-wingFire Records – 11th November 

It’s now almost mandatory to emphasise how contemporary releases avoid genre pigeonholing – but it’s become a cliché for a reason. Gone are the days of rigid, conventional genres, in are the days of fluidity. Virginia Wing join the party with a release that shape shifts as seamlessly as Optimus Prime.

Parts of the album excel the immeasurable dream-pop of their debut, whilst other sections are emboldened with crisp and immediate production. If the London-incepted outfit’s debut floated amidst a hazy cloud of reverb, then their latest offering plucks the confidence to stretch into bolder environments. The synthpop textures of ‘Grapefruit’ poke above the mist and fire through crystal clear horizons, whilst krautrock hit ‘Miserable World’ stomps across a marshy pool of squelching electronica.

As the album’s highlight, the latter is the offering’s most immediate moment – its machine-gun-speed skittering drums and dystopian candid female vocals sounding like the produce of Stealing Sheep on a doomsday sugar rush. “You’ve got to keep ahead in this miserable world / your time is too scarce to stay in one place” is more than just the track’s prominent hook – it nutshells the approach of the newly streamlined duo.

The potential was always cooking away in Virginia Wing’s early works, but only now is it simmering towards something much greater. Their sophomore release is a transition, and its name – Forward Constant Motion – is a perfect illustration of a rise soon to give them buzz-band status.

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