virgin kidsFluffer Records – March 14th

It comes as little surprise that London’s Virgin Kids evolved out of the bedroom project of frontman Asher Preston; their debut album is a gloriously unkempt affair. The term ‘lo-fi scuzz’ was just made for cuts such as ‘Bruised Knees’ and ‘My Alone’, which immediately reveal the trio’s channelling of the likes of the Black Lips and early FIDLAR.

Elsewhere, Greasewheel pretty much adheres to the same formula. Relative epic ‘Never Nude’ and murky instrumental interlude ‘Shrink Wrap’ stand out as much for their anomalous long and short run times as anything, leaving finale ‘Be Your Friend’ as the only number that even slightly deviates from the course. The album’s pop peak, it revels in the delightful over-simplicity of its chorus: “I am a person / I wanna be your friend”.

Whilst Greasewheel is markedly formulaic, it maintains more than sufficient energy and flow to keep one hooked. It may not be the most exploratory or boundary-pushing of debuts, but there are enough signs of a no-fucks-given attitude on Virgin Kids’ part to suggest that they’re bound to take more risks sooner or later.

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Live: The Victoria – March 10th