Vinyl Williams – Into // Album Review

93763Company Records – July 24th

If your grandfather is legendary film score composer John Williams, you’ve grown up in a Mormon community in Utah and your first name is Vinyl, chances are you’re going to have a career in music. Into, the second album from Vinyl Williams (real name Lionel), sees this musical auteur guide us lysergically through an expansive, Grand Canyon of an album. The first half takes us on a peyote-fuelled voyage of jazz and bossa nova, gently persistent krautrock guitar and half-whispered, faintly heard mumblings, before the second half experiments a bit more electronically; ‘Eter-Wave-Agreement’ and ‘Plinth of Uncanny Design’ in particular play like a stupefied Neon Indian. It closes on a ten minute epic, and by the time that’s over you’ll feel more than a little groggy.

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