PLZ Make It Ruins – November 8th

25-year-old London producer, Vegyn may have reached recognition through his work with Frank Ocean, but his debut, Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds, feels distinctly personal. A bold sonic exploration into melancholia, the album darts between deft vocal samples, swift tempo shifts and sublime key changes for maximum impact, keeping listeners clinging on throughout the 16-song collection. Standout tracks include ‘Nauseous / Devilish’, which pairs the grit of JPEGMAFIA’s rambunctious rapping style with erratic percussions, showcasing the producers hip-hop tendencies at their finest. Another moment of brilliance comes from a collaboration with Jeshi, a soothing blend of buttery vocals and gliding, computerised sounds on ‘I Don’t Owe You NYthing’, as well as the erratic choppiness of ‘Cow Boy ALLSTAR’, proudly displaying Vegyn’s comfort in experimentation.

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Live: MOT Unit 18 on November 21st