Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food // Album Review

Photo by Neil Krug.

Jagjaguwar – April 6th

“Days are getting darker,” Ruban Nielson sighs on ‘Hunnybee’, part-vibrant disco, part-advisory song for his daughter. While UMO’s fourth album exhibits some of the bleaker elements of life in 2018, it tries to do so in a slick of upbeat, psychedelic disco. ‘Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays” has Nielson singing about his days being numbered over handclaps and pulsating percussion, while fuzzy rock stomper ‘American Guilt’ has him depicting a paranoid scene: “Tape over camera/No more utopian video.” On ‘Ministry Of Alienation’, things are a little more downcast. UMO’s leader purrs “My thinking is done by your machine” over a smooth, sultry groove that proves you can’t keep kidding yourself forever – the glitter always has to wear off at some point.

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Live: Roundhouse on May 24th and Royal Albert Hall on November 21st