We caught Ty Segall on the second night of his three-show stint at Oval Space last weekend.

Ty Segall. The man, the myth, the titularly multi-faceted legend of ultimate fuzz and garage-rock-groove is back and here to show us all how shit gets done. 

To call the Laguna Beach native’s three-night residency at Oval Space anything other than ‘the vibe-iest meltdown in, perhaps, the history of East London ever’ might not be as overly-dramatic as it sounds. With the promise of a two-halved and alternate set each show, on the second night, our Mind Fuzz-es were exposed to a power-coupled superstorm of First Taste (released in August of this year) followed by 2011’s Goodbye Bread. We were fully subjected to levels of such drummed passion it started to feel possible that each little bone in our ears could knock about individually without thought or consequence. 

You know how the best way to conquer a hangover is to keep on keepin’ on? Same goes for a night with Ty. With two hours of heady, ceaseless pedal-prowl-fire, the only relief was further scuzzy nourishment with an added drip of mandolin, just in case you missed the bliss-out first time around. Come, ‘You Make the Sun Fry’ in a room so sweaty even the windows were gasping for air, we were all riding the frickin’ freewheel right on through to freedom and beyond. 

Twenty-two songs? Simple stuff mate; how about another three for the encore (oh man, you ‘Emotional Mugger’) and then, only then, let’s call it a night. 

Photo credit: Denée Segall