When Two Door Cinema Club were announced as headliners for Annie Mac’s inaugural AMP London series, a buzz immediately broke out as to what the Northern Ireland trio would bring to Oval Club – a tiny, cosy venue in East London.

Retro-pop infused foursome, Anteros take to the stage first in a haze of coloured lights to showcase material from their recent album When We Land. Diving straight into ‘Drive On’, the woozy cut primes the crowd for what’s to follow. Anthemic crowd-pleaser ‘Drunk’ receives a particularly rapturous response whilst ‘Ring Ring’ allows frontwoman Laura Hayden to bop around on stage. Hayden declares: “Tonight is a fun night” before leaving the warmed up crowd with ‘Breakfast’, bringing the energy in the room to full flow.

Another well-seasoned outfit with an album out soon, Circa Waves pull out all the stops with their amped up, swelteringly-hot support slot. Racing through the hits at breakneck speed, the opening honour is given to ‘Wake Up’ and many of the tracks that follow are also from the band’s brilliant second album Different Creatures. “It’s been a while” frontman Kieran Shudall tells the crowd before launching into new track ‘Movies’. The band oversee sheer mayhem as mosh pit after mosh pit forms. ‘Fire That Burns’ comes as a high point in a set full of highs and the band end on an unforgettable note with the obvious yet electrifying ‘T-Shirt Weather’.

After much anticipation, Two Door Cinema Club make their triumphant live return. Teasing material from their upcoming fourth album, the trio last played in London when they headlined last summer’s Community Festival to 35,000 people. Tonight’s crowd is more far more intimate and the assembled mass are ready to bounce to every beat from the off.

Exhilarating new single ‘Talk’ does an incredible job of unifying everyone and it’s a heady atmosphere that doesn’t let up throughout the entire set. In-between tracks, frontman Alex Trimble sounds almost surprised as he says “It’s nice to see you again London’, as if the tiny show wasn’t going to be packed to the rafters. The crowd never stop grooving as the trio unleash all of the old hits, including ‘Undercover Martyn’, ‘What You Know’ and ‘Changing of the Seasons’.

The intimate feel of Oval Space allows Two Door to shine and cement their status as one of the most exciting live bands around. They may be used to playing to far bigger audiences but taking it back to basics for a night is a smart move – the sensational quality of hit after hit successfully woos and proves they don’t need to rely on a fancy stage show. Tonight it’s just a band and their fans and the trio look delighted as the crowd belt their tunes back at them.

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