Tutu’s guide to Barcelona… 

Gemma Planell is Tutu, the Barca-based experimental DJ and producer who steps up to play Sónar this year, pacing through a strong 2018 that’s seen her play shows at the likes of Unsound, Tresor and Golden Pudel.

Planell brings a wealth of influence to her sets, which can range from moody bass to cosmic trance, and experimental grime to acid-flecked techno. Expect fiery curation and astute blends from an artist with a fine understanding of telling stories for the dance floor.

Check Tutu’s From Home to Nature mix below. In her words, “2018 steps for closing the year and wishing you a great beginning close to home, close to nature.”

At this year’s Sónar by Night, opening for Acid Arab’s live show, Tutu presents a new audiovisual journey created in collaboration with Serafín Álvarez.

Ahead of her performance, Tutu shows us special spots across her city. From key venues she’s played shows at, to spots that her close to her heart and close to home, this is Tutu’s guide to Barcelona.

This is a contemporary art museum that makes an interesting visual contrast with its surroundings in the heart of Raval district. I celebrated my end of 2018 tour there – an intense year indeed. For the occasion we placed trampolines in the museum hall where I did my dj set.

Hangar is a very dear place to me. This is a centre for visual arts research and production where very interesting and below the radar things happen. I have always felt at home there – free to express myself with every collaboration I’ve done with them.

This is more than a a vinyl shop. Discos Paradiso have created a beautiful community around music in Barcelona in just a few years of existence. It is always worth paying a visit when walking around in Raval area. I did one of my first sets there, many years ago now!

This a pretty new club in the city where I’ve played several times, sharing decks with very interesting artists. I also collaborated with my photographs for their monthly schedule posters, sample above.

Via ferrata Lucky, few kms from home.
The first track of Gynes mix (Borshch, Berlin) was recorded here

Family garden.

senzubeans few kms from home.


Picture by Sílvia Poch

Tutu plays Sónar Festival in Barcelona, 18th to 20th July 2019.