Dubbed the band’s “most collaborative and connected work to date,” Turnover’s latest offering evokes their signature dream-pop haze, detailing stories of change, love, loss and rediscovery. The aptly-named Altogether opens with a blur of jazz instruments and distant vocals, portraying a subtle, hushed intimacy from the very start of the record, before ‘Still In Motion’ dances through echoes of synth-fuelled guitar-pop. Single release, ‘Parties’ embodies the uplifting transition between self-consciousness and self-acceptance, while ‘Ceramic Sky’ marks a sultry and soulful commentary on the process of falling in love. For every melancholic masterpiece scattered throughout Turnover’s back catalogue, Altogether has a track to remedy it. With an uplifting sound and fresh new perspective on the world, the album brilliantly highlights the importance of human connection and experience.

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Live: Electric Brixton on March 13th