Turbowolf // Live Review

Barfly – April 25th


Playing a sold out show at London’s Barfly allows Turbowolf to showcase new material and butter up their most loyal followers in a super intimate setting, just in time for festival season.

A high-spirited audience of heavily-bearded rocker types, mixed in with younger hipsters, certainly makes for an uncanny combo. But it’s ok, seeing as the band are pretty unclassifiable themselves. It’s become apparent, over the years, that anything goes at a Turbowolf gig.

When they said they’d be playing new music, they really weren’t kidding. The band soar through a set made up almost entirely of previously unheard material, bar the recently released ‘Solid Gold’ and ‘American Mirrors’. It’s fantastic to see the crowd go just as completely wild for new staples as they do old, with ‘Rabbit’s Foot’ and ‘Good Hand’ already seamlessly slotting into the set between hits like ‘Read and Write’.

Listening to the deep-rooted noise from a band that have built up such a smooth momentum becomes a ‘pinch yourself’  moment on more than one occasion, though the kick in the head from a guy crowd-surfing is a pretty painful reality check…Bassist Lianna Davies gets involved too; lifted across a throng of sweaty bodies to the bar for a tequila shot, whilst the band effortlessly play through an extended ‘Solid Gold’ intro. Badass.

Tonight has proved that even after an extended absence, Turbowolf have still got what it takes to make a crowd go completely and utterly insane. And with the new material sounding faster, slicker, and stronger than ever before, we’ll certainly be waiting on tenterhooks for one of our most anticipated albums of 2014.