Tuff Love – Dregs // EP Review

tuff loveLost Map – November 6th

Dregs has landed in the wrong season; lo-fi Glaswegian duo Tuff Love’s third EP is the sound of summer captured in five bliss-inducing tracks. It’s a bit of a cruel tease, isn’t it? We’ve only just got over the loss of summer, and now Tuff Love are pumping it into our ears. But we’ll let them off; Dregs is a delight.

Julie Eisenstein (guitar) and Suse Bear’s (bass) – live drummer Iain Stewart completes the set-up – a invigorating brand of grunge-pop transcends seasons, and as the leaves drop all around, Tuff Love blossom proudly. The pair strike a satisfying balance between the two contrasting components of their sound on second track ‘Crocodile’. With a ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’-echoing main riff, and Eisenstein and Bear’s delectable two-part harmonies, it showcases in two-and-a-half minutes exactly what Tuff Love are all about.

If ‘Crocodile’ is the sound of Tuff Love comfortably in neutral, the two gems that follow have them shifting up and then down through the gears. Eisenstein and Bear have a real spring in their step on full throttle standout and midpoint ‘Threads’, before shifting all the way down to first gear on Dregs’ enchanting longest offering, ‘Amphibian’. Completed by gently rumbling lead single ‘Duke’ and reflective closer ‘Carbon’, Dregs is the concise account of a charming new band who are stepping softly into the limelight.


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