Trust Fund – Seems Unfair // Album Review

98004Turnstile – October 30th

It’s been a mere eight months yet here we are, being treated to the second Trust Fund album of 2015, like some sort of glorious mirage in the musical wasteland. If Seems Unfair has been ready for some time, there is nothing hurried in its execution despite a slight running time. Everything we adore about Trust Fund remains, from the sugar rush immediacy of ‘Mother’s Day’, recalling the breakneck speed of early Los Campesinos! to the addictive choral refrain of ‘Football’. As immediate as the album is, it seems fitting that the title track demonstrates the band’s rapidly developing sound, all meticulously arranged group harmonies and whirring guitars. Trust Fund still gets you, you’re just going to have to share him with a lot more fans.

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Live: The Lexington – November 4th