Traams // In Short


They had to get out. Of Chichester, that is. So Adam Stock, Stuart Hopkins and Leigh Padley of TRAAMS headed north, settling in Leeds and recording their second album Modern Dancing – out next month – with MJ of Hookworms.

For Adam (drums), Stuart (vocals/guitar) and Leigh (bass) it was a wise move. After bagging support slots for band such as Wire, Fucked Up, Parquet Courts and Royal Blood, they transferred that experience to the studio, Leigh declared. “As a band we felt more focused this time, we had a clearer idea of what we wanted”.

“Recording Modern Dancing felt like making an album proper. We are very happy with everything we’ve put out but the structure of these sessions really helped us get stuck in and try new things,” he added.

“It was great working with MJ again too. It’s generally a more positive record than our first, it’s a bit brighter, and a tad more optimistic, ultimately it documents our first couple of years touring, new friendships and relationships.”

Fuck me. If Modern Dancing is a ‘brighter’ and ‘more optimistic’ than the first, I’d hate to hear what lies on the dark side of their moon. Because Modern Dancing is awash with a dour power that is part sheer aggression and part calculated risk. It works well because as a fairly laconic singer, Stuart is blessed with having the metronomic yet adventurous playing of Adam and Leigh to power the songs, leaving him free to scrawl his bombastic drawl and off-kilter lyrics over the top.

The result is a full-blooded album full of impressively tight trio playing and advanced musicianship, with an emotional tug that won’t let go. But they’ve also got a good sense of humour. What else other than laughs could explain the title of their new single, ‘Succulent Thunder Anthem’?

The band’s forthcoming appearance at the Mirrors Festival in Hackney this Halloween is hotly-tipped as it’s a great time to see the band at their peak of their powers, armed with the new tracks. But I’d hate to follow them on stage, because they’ve already made quite a name for themselves with their frantic and high-energy sets.

And ahead of their Mirrors Festival appearance, I asked Leigh the tough questions about his love of regional British accents, Bruce Lee and Death Grips. Here’s what he had to say:

If I had to describe our music in 3 words, I’d use…
Plaice, Tangible, Dulux

My favourite film ever is…
Enter The Dragon

The most famous person I’ve met is…
Howard Brown

The best venue I’ve played so far is…
La Nouvelle Vague, Saint-Malo

The song I hate the most is…
They’re all good

The Worst Job I’ve ever had is…
They’re mostly good

If I was in a tribute band it would be a….
Celebration of music from both Washington DC and Leytonstone called Q And Not Eugene McGuinness.

My Favourite word is….

If I had a super power I’d want it to be…
Being able to seamlessly interchange between all the fair accents of the British Isles to a geographical accuracy of five miles.

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be…

I think you should listen to…
Gentle Giant

If I could see anyone play live it would be…
Death Grips


Live: Mirrors Festival – October 31st

Buy: Traams – Modern Dancing