4AD – September 22nd

Torres’ third album is a battle between control and liberation. Musically, it’s stormy, industrial and tightly wound. Lyrically, it’s clear that Mackenzie Scott’s tongue and brain want to go wandering. On ‘Skim’ that means burrowing deep into her own sexual desires, while ‘Helen In The Woods’ has her telling the story of a girl who’s “funny in the head” via powerful barks and ominous whispers, which only add the to teen-slasher-movie atmosphere. Elsewhere she plays with gender perceptions, opening the calmer title track with a mournful “I got hard in your car” and raspily admitting “I’m more of an ass man” on the rippling ‘Righteous Woman’. Each blow she deals to restraint is subtle and deft, but slowly and delectably you can hear Scott breaking free from the shackles.

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Live: The Dome Tufnell Park on November 8th