Photo credit: Jordan Woods
A relentlessly visionary artist, each new release from Tony Njoku sees him constantly pushing his avant-garde creations to new celestial realms with inimitable prowess. Ahead of releasing his new EP Justine next Friday, Njoku takes us through a series of photos documenting shows earlier this year, his home studio and the Justine EP photoshoot.

Having released the striking and tender ‘100% 4 Beauty’ earlier last month, Njoku’s latest single ‘</3’ continues in his particular vein of crafting intoxicating, disorienting experimental electronica that is majestically otherworldly. Warped, ethereal melodies, skittering beats and Njoku’s harmonic, seraphic vocals coalesce as the track contorts and metamorphs with each sonic detail, offering layers of heady, hypnotic depth. Melding pop, neo-soul and trip-hop sensibilities with bold dynamism and eclecticism, Njoku’s upcoming release sees him deliver four powerfully tender and poised compositions.

Speaking on the EP, Njoku expresses, “This EP really is just me focusing on writing love songs more than anything. Playing with themes of romance, heartbreak, self-motivation, self-introspection etc. I’d say these songs are subtle odes to my constant drive towards self-exploration.
But instead of focusing on the abstract, I’ve brought more direct and hopefully relatable themes and musicality. I feel they’re more straight to the point in intention than previous records. Not watered down but certainly concise.”

Ahead of Justine coming out next Friday, delve into Tony Njoku’s In Photos series below.

This is from a show I did in the QEH at the Southbank Centre back in January. It was a lovely evening, the sound was great (S/O to Tony the sound engineer that night), the mood was magical; I also don’t get to play grand pianos that nice very often so it was a treat. I also played 100% 4 Beauty for the first time that night, I believe it went down well.

Another photo from the show at QEH, I was probably playing ‘In All It’s Glory’ at this point.

This was back stage before the show at the QEH. Doing vocal warm-ups and probably singing so Nina Simone or Joni Mitchell song.

This is a selfie I took on the set of the photoshoot for the ‘JUSTINE’ EP. I love those earrings, they’re my favourite colour and the also made a feature in the ‘100% 4 Beauty’ video/art piece thing.

This is another selfie from the photoshoot for the JUSTINE EP.

This is a photo of my setup for a headline show I did in London at SET Dalston. This was in February this year. I tried out various versions of the songs I was writing for JUSTINE.

This was at a rehearsal with William Doyle. I went on tour with him in February and was also in his band, so was working double time. Was great fun, they’re great folks and as you’d imagine it was a great way to bond. Often when I tour I’m on the road on my own for the most part (which is cool) so this was a nice change.

So this is my bedroom studio setup. I’m so comfortable and used to working in my room so every time I move I have to have a little setup in there. I wrote the majority the songs for JUSTINE here and last year write the final parts for ‘Your Psyche’s Rainbow Panorama’ here as well. There’s something about being comfortable that gives me the freedom to think outside the box, to authentically be myself to write without pressure. Around the ways are photos from past adventures, posters of my favourite bands (Sigur Ros, Animal Collective, Sun Ra), posters from past shows i’ve done and loads of notes from my work.

Justine EP is out June 19th via Silent Kid Records.

Header image credit: Jordan Woods