We asked Tony Njoku to tell us about five tracks that influence his new album H.P.A.C.

Since the British-Nigerian producer first put his hand to experimentalism just three years ago, he has emerged as the real deal. With the uncanny ability to convert the ideas and aesthetics of high art into sonic form, and expand on the meaning, making music has been for Njoku about self-reification through metamorphosis; the reinvention of a person who will not let the past define him.

Below he has listed five tracks that influenced his new album H.P.A.C.

Susumu Yokota – Gekkoh

I love the entire Sakura album by Yokota, It plays so seamlessly and its execution is lucid. His ideas are fully fleshed out and for me the album manages to evade any meandering, which is so easy to do in that genre. There are few albums that I feel are as succinct and to the point as this, like Nick Drake’s Pink Moon or the Sigur Ros untitled album; records that totally trim all the fat and get to the real stuff. I suppose that’s what I hoped to accomplish on H.P.A.C. but I think I failed woefully at.

Junun – Hu

Indian music has some of the best rhythms i’ve ever come across. It’s so mesmerising and trance inducing. The patterns of the rhythms and the timbre of the instruments are so distinct. On Remain Calm I wanted to see what it would sound like if I recreated a well known Indian rhythm using tabla samples, mix that in with heavy distorting synthesisers and then transition that combination in to more electronic percussion. It’s a collage in some sense.

Anna Von Hausswolff – Evocation

This track is the perfect culmination of simplicity and grandeur. I listened a lot to the Miraculous during the time I started writing H.P.A.C. Then I had called the album ‘A Great Room Of Light’. I wonder if Anna’s ear for the grand and elaborate rubbed off on me.

James Holden – The Caterpillar’s Intervention

The Inheritors is a fantastic album. It’s fun, psychedelic, spiritual and dark. I obsessed over it when I was 19, during a very experimental period in my life. It really opened up my mind in a lot of ways and I can definitely here it’s influence on H.P.A.C.

Curtis Mayfield – The Makings Of You

This is one of my favourite vocal performances ever, he sounds so sweet and warm hearted. It’s that starry-eyed, boyish charm that shines through for me. When I listen back to H.P.A.C. on the more soulful cuts I feel like I was inspired by this version of Curtis. It’s a feeling of jubilance, comfort and oneness.

You can catch Tony live at Off The Cuff, Brixton – Saturday 12th May 2018