Blue Note – September 28th

Since they first shared a stage in Paris back in December 2016, two of the world’s most innovative beat makers have been drawn to continue working together. West African percussion meets pioneering Detroit drum patterns in the pair’s first collaborative release. A rhythmic conversation with simple arrangements and a meticulously lucid groove throughout, Tomorrow Comes The Harvest feels like an extended jam session between Mills, Allen, and Jean-Phi Dary on keys. The spoken word vocal on ‘The Night Watcher’ featuring Carl Hancock Rux drowns the intricacies of Allen and Mills’ handiwork; this partnership is best appreciated with space amidst the percussion. Take lead single ‘The Seed’, where claps and a funky four-note bassline riff form the foundations for quivering synths and Allen’s deft cadences.

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Live: Barbican on February 21st 2019