Downtown/Kobalt – November 9th

“I have always gone where other people don’t. It’s not to shock you, it’s just who I am,” Tommy Genesis proclaimed in her recent London in Stereo cover feature. After scrapped tracks and delayed releases, feverish anticipation surrounds Tommy Genesis, and it’s a remarkable snapshot of one of the most fascinating artists operating today. From the bubblegum pop of ‘You Know Me’ to the abrasive ‘Tommy’ and closer ‘Miami”s effortless groove, it’s a breathtakingly multi-faceted listen. Production-wise too, Tommy Genesis sounds phenomenal, crisp beats and sleek rumbles of bass impeccably arranged to land Genesis’ lyricism with genuine explosiveness. Undoubtedly a phenomenal addition to the landslide of blistering pop records we’ve been blessed with in recent years, Tommy Genesis should reign somewhere near the top.

Photo by Ebru Yildiz.

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Live: Oslo on February 20th