On her latest track, London-born Alté singer Tomi Agapè crafts a sun-kissed love song to her home city. With her new EP on its way soon, she shares five tracks with us that have influenced her sound.

Produced by Juls, who’s also worked with the likes of Burna Boy and Mr Eazi, ‘London’ is a suave, laid-back track and a soulful summer jam. Accompanied by a video that gives snapshots into Agapè’s life she encapsulates that longing to be out enjoying the sun with friends that we’re all dreaming of right now alongside presenting the current reality. In the meantime though, Agapè, who has played a key role in both the London and Nigerian Alté scene as one of the first women to explore the genre in her music, is bringing us some hugely welcome joyous and blissful vibes with her latest offering.

Get to know Tomi Agapè In Five…

Jill Scott – A Long Walk

She’s like honey. Been obsessed with her for a long time. Probably top 2 in my musical influences list.

Lil Kim – Crush On You

Love everything about lil Kim. Her confidence, stage presence & rawness.

Tupac – Keep Ya Head Up

He was a poet. Tupac is my forever crush. Perfect mix of a naughty boy with a good soul and woke mind.

Erykah Badu – Other Side Of The Game

Aunty erykah. She’s my spirit animal & this song reminds me of better days

D-Angelo – Brown Sugar

He was soul. Still is. His music makes me feel so beautiful and happy all at the same time. He has such a way with words.. not every musician can make you feel the way he does.

‘London’ is out now.