Roundhouse – March 8th

South London producer Tom Misch started off making beats in his bed room aged 16. Inspired by J Dilla, Misch, 22, is an artist who has it all: he can sing, write, play the guitar and produce. He is an artist who can’t be pinned into one genre, traversing across jazz, hip-hop and funk.

He brought his toe-tapping smooth beats to the sell-out Roundhouse in Camden as part of his first European tour and ahead of the release of his first album, Geography. While his interaction with the crown between songs might not have been the best, his music spoke for itself.

He began the evening with ‘The Journey’, from Beat Tape 2. The smooth instrumental inspired by J Dilla, slowly built the atmosphere. Misch showcased his vast talent throughout the evening, switching seamlessly between the buttery R’n’B influenced ‘Movie’ to the toe tapping, disco riffing ‘South of The River’.

There was murmurs of chatter amongst the crowd during the low energy songs. However, they were drawn back, with up-tempo songs ‘It Runs Through Me’ and ‘Man Like You.’ Misch’s cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” was bold but excellently executed. The crowd were singing along to every word. Even without changing much, Misch did it justice.

Several artists have collaborated with Misch and he was joined by a medley of artists on Thursday. His sisters Polly and Laura Misch (who opened for him) brought smooth spoken word and saxophone to the stage. The talented sisters complemented Misch’s vocals, making the evening a family affair celebrating music in a multiplicity of forms.

Zak Abel, Barney Artist and Poppy Ajudha all joined Misch. They brought the energy levels up, when sometimes they were faltering. The crowd were completely engrossed in his lightening-fingered guitar riffs as he played songs new and old.

Fellow South Londoner and best friend Loyle Carner and joined Misch for ‘Crazy Dream’ and ‘Water Baby’. They both had the crowd dancing and bopping along and it was the most energy the crowd had showed. Carner departed after long embrace between the two, before the lights dimmed and Misch effortlessly ended the show with the calming ‘Watch Me Dance.’

Misch brings a refreshing air unpretentious love for music. He was almost humbled by the reception he was getting from the sell-out crowd, it sometimes felt like he was jamming with his friends.

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