6th April – Beyond The Groove label / Kobalt Music Recordings

Following a successful UK and Europe tour, multi-instrumental producer Tom Misch’s Geography builds on the DIY works employed in previous projects, Beat Tape 1 and 2, Out to Sea and the multi-layered 5 Day Mischon.

Geography is a more polished, less adventurous album, but this shows the growth Misch has gone through as a musician and producer. It’s also a product of his exposure to the wider music world with collaborations with GoldLink and De La Soul.

It’s no secret that the producer loves J Dilla and the album constantly shows this. During his tour, he spoke about his admiration of J Dilla before playing ‘Tick Tock’. This song recaptures his humble beginnings as a bedroom beat-making youngster, quickly changing tone to showcase his new-found funk influence.

The track starts off with a countdown for a rocket lift-off before seamlessly moving into the instrumental section, indicative of the multi-layered nature of the artist that Misch has grown into. He can seamlessly and naturally combine genres making it seem easy. Misch’s sophisticated range is further apparent in tracks such as ‘You’re On My Mind’ and ‘Movie’, which experiment with a D’Angelo influence neo-soul sound.

Despite his rise in popularity Misch has stayed humble, bringing out his friends on shows, using his sister Polly for vocals on ‘Movie’ and paying a homage to his south London upbringing on ‘South of the River’. But perhaps the highlight of the album is his instrumental cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely.’ This track shows that Misch isn’t afraid to dip into what is out there and do it justice.

Of course, the album isn’t perfect but it shows the potential Misch has. Some of the songs do start sounding similar but this is expected for someone so new in the game. Previous works have been collab heavy, but there are less of these in Geography. One of those rare artists who does not fit into a genre, the album is indicative of this and will cement his place as one of the UK’s top independent producers.

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Live: O2 Academy Brixton – 15th November