103905Ghostly International – August 19th

Tobacco is back to melt your VHS tapes and morally corrupt your 80s nostalgia with another wave of heat-warped electro. For all of Sweatbox Dynasty‘s sonic torture, Thomas Fec’s fifth full-length is infested with glittering earworms. A slasher in synth form, manipulated analogues scream and chop into each other in melodic distress, while android vocals narrate the magnetic dancefloor deathmarch. ‘Home Invasionaries’ is the ‘Billie Jean’ rendition HAL 9000 would conjure from his murderous robot mind, and ‘Dimensional Hum’ has a pneumatic garage stomp to crush the skulls of any human resistance. ‘The Madonna’ meanwhile is a searing spiritual brother to Ultima II Massage’s ‘Pool City, McKnight Road’. And while Ultima… remains Tobacco’s most balanced and bombastic release, Sweatbox Dynasty has your itch for twisted Outrun hellscapes auto-targeted in its sights.

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