Jagjaguwar – February 17th

Ought front-man Tim Darcy goes it alone with debut album Saturday Night; a poetic pop record haunted by abstract and obtuse folk influences at every turn. ‘Tall Glass of Water’ is a brash opener recalling Loaded-era Velvet Underground but it doesn’t take long for a more existential tone to creep in, ‘Joanne Pt 1,2’ giving way to something that could have been conceived of in Bradford Cox’s bedroom. Darcy’s songs are both liberating and painful, as with the lysergic swamp-reverie of ‘First Final Days’, and the strung-out confession in ‘Found My Limit’. “They say creation is the loudest reach of escape / Which explains why mine sounds like a scream” he sings on ‘St Germain’. Saturday Night though is one of the most articulate screams you’ll hear.

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