105296Heavenly Recordings – September 30th

Following their 2014 debut Annabel Dream Reader, The Wytches promised its follow-up would be “lighter” and more melodic. That’s true of snatches of All Your Happy Life, but the Brighton trio haven’t forsaken all things gloomy. Recorded with dark master Jim Sclavunos, the group’s second album is still full of the sludgy riffs and raw-throated groans that made them so compelling first time round. ‘Crest Of Death’ begins with frontman Kristian Bell screaming staccato syllables before Pavement-style guitars whip back the blackout curtains and shine some light on things, while ‘C Side’ is the kind of spellbinding, punchy piece that first piqued interest in the band. By finding the light to their shade, The Wytches have added a new dimension to their already powerful sound.

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