The Wharves – At Bay // Album Review

wharvesGringo Records – out now

Another day, another “quirky” London based band comes strutting around the corner trying to grab our attention, but quite frankly, why should we give a damn? Well not only does The Wharves’ debut record At Bay piece together reverberated 60s girl group concepts of yesteryear, but the haunting vocal twists that build up to witchy crescendos manage to keep things stimulating enough for a sound that, on the face of it, feels outwardly nostalgic. ‘Left, Right And Centre’ and ‘The Grip’ hold enthralling drum rhythms and thrilling choral narratives, but for a debut the songs tend to meld into one, and maybe lack the depth for anything greater than a friendly introduction to the band. Having said that, there’s no doubt that The Wharves have potential for greater exploration in the future.


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