Ahead of releasing their much-anticipated debut album in March, and heading out on tour across the UK later this month, we caught up with NYC’s The Wants to talk The Brudenell, salt-and-vinegar chips, and earliest song memories.

On their latest single ‘The Motor’, The Wants build an ever-rising tension that is never quite relieved, augmenting the sinister undertones that lurk within the track and creating an overarchingly foreboding atmosphere. The ominously enunciated spoken-word vocals further complement this sense of anxious unease as the track pulses with revved-up electronics and jarring guitar riffs.

“I first had the epiphany for the spoken word vocals that feature in “The Motor” whilst re-watching the introduction to one of my favourite movies, David Lynch’s “Lost Highway”.” Madison Velding VanDam expresses. It’s not surprising that there is this Lynchian inspiration as not only would ‘The Motor’ feel at home soundtracking one of Lynch’s masterpieces, but the track also crafts a heady, off-kilter disquiet where things are not as they seem but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Ahead of Container being released on Council Records on March 13th, get to know The Wants In Short…

Three words to describe our music…

Jason Gates: Tense Mechanical pulse.

MVV: Musicians integrating electronics.

Last photo on your phone…

JG: I really shouldn’t say

MVV: A snapshot of poblano peppers for the tomatillo sauce I was making. 

HE: (See Attached)

Favourite instagram account…

Heather Elle: @juulsexual

MVV: I second that.

The best venue I’ve played…

MVV: Brudenell Social Club because of its history and, now, quality pies, mash and peas.

Earliest song you remember…

JG: Soft Cell “Tainted Love”

HE: Billy Joel “Uptown Girl”

MVV: Black Box “Everybody Everybody”

The worst job I’ve ever had…

MVV: Telemarketer takes the cake.

Favourite food on tour… 

JG: Anything healthy

MVV: Normally I’d follow suit with J, but on tour — particularly in the UK — I have an unstoppable urge to find and consume the finest salt-and-vinegar chips. In France, it’s an effort to not consume my body weight in regional fare, particularly cheese. 

My Favourite word… 

JG: Superstitious 

MVV: Verisimilitudinous 

Things that cheer me up… 

JG: Funny cartoons

HE: Pickles and pickling

MVV: NPR podcasts. Nothing gives you perspective like the horror of daily new podcasts. 

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be…

HE: Over there.

MVV: Heather, where are you pointing?

I think you should listen to…

JG: the new Karenn record.

HE: Your bathroom fan.

MVV: If you haven’t already, listen deeply to Sonic Youth. They’re one of those bands that deconstruct what it means to be a band.

If I could see anyone play live it would be…

JG: Maybe a Radiohead rehearsal.

HE: Tony Conrad

MVV: The Cure

‘Container’ is due out on Council Records March 13th.

The Wants play The Lexington on February 27th, tickets here.

Photo credit: Madison Carroll